ODM VIS 300C Base model - Inspection Only Inspection probe and monitor with automated analysis software, onboard storage, report creation, and Wi-Fi data transfer. 1.25mm, 2.5mm, LC, and SC inspection tips included. The new VIS 300C from ODM provides handheld, all-in-one fiber testing for field and lab applications. This system brings together the most effective methods for verifying fiber connections to yield simple and repeatable test results. The VIS 300C platform helps streamline fiber testing processes through an easy results-saving and reporting system. The 5-inch touch-based user interface allows users to quickly switch between inspecting fiber endfaces, testing with an optical power meter, and troubleshooting via an onboard VFL. 

                    » Automated image centering and analysis to meet IEC 61300-3-35 standards » Onboard OPM with many standard calibrated wavelengths » 635nm red laser VFL for troubleshooting and continuity testing » Enough storage space for thousands of project folders, images, and power meter readings » Instant report creation with user-defined parameters » Share test results via Wi-Fi (email or cloud storage) or transfer results via USB cable to PC Adapter Tips Included 1.25mm Universal 2.5mm Universal LC Bulkhead SC Bulkhead

ODM VIS 300C Base model - Inspection Only

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