ODM OTR 500-S Singlemode OTDR w/ Bluetooth Connect to Android OS 1310/1550nm with VIS 300 The OTR 500 OTDR is available with an Auto-Wavelength Switching Power Meter. The power meter is  calibrated at 850,1300,1310,1490,1550 and 1625nm, with storage of up to 10,000 power meter tests.  The OpTrace OTDR software incorporates a feature to supply loss measurement reports and a real-time  graph. Features: Event table with PASS/FAIL analysis Bi-directional averaging - unit automatically performs all necessary calculations Short event dead zones make both units ideal for short link installations Bluetooth compatibility for precision control with Android Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets   The ODM VIS 300 advances field connector inspection by a unique focus system, which virtually eliminates the need to place the user's hand in the same position each time for effective focus control. To inspect the backplane connector, the user simply inserts the probe into the connector adapter and turns the entire probe ¼ to ½ turns for complete focus range. Users no longer need to keep one hand on the focus wheel. The VIS 300 includes a bright 3.5-inch LCD display and precision optics to provide an unmatched field of view of 630μm by 440μm.                        

ODM OTR 500-S Singlemode OTDR / VIS 300

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