• ODM DLS 350 LED Light Source
The DLS 350 provides a 2 kHz tone output which is recognized by the RP 4XX series power meters; the incoming 2 kHz signal is identified and an audible alert is provided by the power meter. This 2kHz signal will also allow fiber identification when used with non-invasive fiber identifier devices, such as the LFI 110.

The dual LED source comes with a female SC adapter to allow connection to test jumpers and fiber under test. Easy removal of the adapter means that the light source ferrule can be cleaned to prevent contamination of test jumpers. Additional adapters are available.

Dual LED Source
Single Port 850 and 1300nm output
2kHz tone generation
Slim, rugged design

ODM DLS 350 LED Light Source

  • Brand: ODM
  • Product Code: DLS 350
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  • $399.00