Core Alignment Fusion Splicer
With 3 Year Warranty!
Designed For FTTH & Outside Plant Applications

The F15S is the newest compact rugged 6 motor core alignment splicer on the market. Designed with the user in mind the F15S is perfect for any FTTH and Outside plant application. The small, compact design makes it a perfect splicer for any environment. Display features 2 Cameras with a 4.3 inch high definition color LCD with 320X magnification and 4 display modes. Friendly GUI Touchscreen and Keyboard. Detachable SOC capability for FTTX field applications. 2 bright LEDs for dark environments and dual batteries come standard. Cutting Edge Technology and Advanced CPU power allow fast 7 second splice time and 9 second heat time.

F15S Fusion Splicer Kit

  • Fusion Splicer: F15S
  • High Precision Cleaver: V7+ w/auto collector
  • Fiber Holder: FH45
  • AC Adapter: F1-1 CA3PM |F-MAC
  • Electrodes: F-50
  • Battery Pack - 2pk: LBT 5200
  • SOC Holder: FH-SOC
  • SOC Heater Cover: HTN-SOC
  • Cooling Rack: CG-22
  • USB Cable: CBL-F
  • Accessory: P1 Screwdriver
  • Instruction Manual: CD
  • Hard Carrying Case

FORC F15S Features

  • Applicable Fibers:
    SM (ITU-TG .652 & G657)
    MM (ITU-TG .651) DS (ITU-TG .653) NZD S (TU-TG .655)
  • Dual batteries 5200m Ah:
    400 Splice & Heat Cycles
  • 2 Bright LED Lights for Dark Environments
  • 9 Second Heat Time: 7 Second Splice Time
  • Heat Modes: 32 Heat Modes / 7 Preset
  • Fiber/Magnification: 320X Magnification / 4 Display Modes
  • Electrode Life: > 5,500 ARCs

FORC F15S Fusion Splicer

  • Brand: FORCFiber
  • Product Code: F-15S
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $7,400.00