The FORC FI is the newest compact rugged 4 motor Clad alignment splicer on the market. Designed with the user in mind and is perfect for any FTTH and Outside plant application. The small, compact design makes it a perfect splicer for any environment. Features include a 320X color 4.3-inch LCD screen, Friendly GUI (Graphic User Interface) Detachable SOC capability for FTTX field applications, 2 bright LEDs for dark environments and dual batteries come standard per kit allowing approximately 400 cycles. Cutting Edge Technology and Advanced CPU power allow fast 9 second splice time and 15 second heat time.

FORC F1 Fusion Splicer Features

  • 4 motor Active V-Groove Clad Alignment
  • 9 Second Heat Time
  • Dual batteries 5200m Ah per kit -up to 400 Cycles
  • Light 1.6 7 kg rugged and compact design for FTTH and last mile applications
  • Dual camera display with 4.3-inch HD color LCD
  • Detachable SOC -Holders and Oven Attachment
  • Designed with Rubber Bumpers for Splicer and Screen Protection
  • Automatic Trash Bin Cleaver Standard

F1 Fusion Splicer Kit Contents

·         Fusion Splicer | F1

·         High Precision Cleaver | F7

·         Fiber Holder | YFH-J1

·         Electrodes | E-14

·         Instruction Manual | CD

·         Battery Pack | FLBT-5200

·         Power Cord | ACC-25

·         Carrying Case | NBX-88

·         SOC Holder | FH-SOC

·         SOC Heater Cover | FHT-SOC

·         Cooling Rack | CG-22

·         HDMI Cable Manual | HDMl-15

F1 Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer

  • Brand: ForcFiber
  • Product Code: F1
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $2,995.00

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